You may know i'm a big Corvette fan so when it comes to having a chance at buying a cheap Corvette well... i do it ! so was the case yesterday when i bought myself a 1/18 Autoart Corvette C5R, a replica of the one that one Daytona 24h Overall back in '01. A great race for sure and a great model from Autoart, from my point of view better than the newer version (the one of 2003-2006), as the older one (1999-2002) has side windows and also has lots of details under the rear hood. :) I'll wait 'till my model arrives and then I'll take some pictures to post. :)

P.S. I also bought another quite rare model: a GMP McLaren M8a that Denny Hulme took the title in (1968). Blew the pocket but anyway

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